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500 Indonesian Citizens Will Hold Solidarity Action in Support of Papua and West Papua Peace



500 Indonesian citizens plan to hold a solidarity action titled Kitong Basodara Gathering simultaneously to support peace in Papua. This action will be held simultaneously in 12 states; Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Sacramento / San Francisco, Seattle, St. Paul-Minneapolis, and Washington D.C.

The initiator of the activity, Utomo Lukman said the action was aimed at giving a message of peace to the people so that together they would create peace and a conducive atmosphere in the land of Papua. A number of US citizens in inviting the citizens of Papua and West Papua not to be provoked to follow the riots that occurred on August 28.

This activity was also supported by a number of Indonesian community organizations in the US, including United States, DC4INDONESIA, NTT USA Family Association, Indonesian American of the Carolinas, and Indonesian House of New York (IHNY).

The founder of the Indonesian Citizens Association in New York, Syaiful Hamid Opu Onang, also invited all Papuan and West Papuan people to support the Jokowi government, which is currently struggling to build the Land of Paradise.

“Do not be provoked, let us focus on giving an opportunity to the government of President Joko Widodo who has begun development in Papua so that it can continue to run,” said Syaiful Hamid Opu Onang.

Notonly in the United States, dozens of masse joined in the Bengkulu Aswaja Movement (GAB) also took action in front of the Bengkulu Provincial Parliament office, taking to the streets to voice peace in Papua.

They staged a peaceful protest right in front of the Bengkulu Province DPRD office on Wednesday (04/9). They asked the Papuan people not to be provoked by hoaks that were deliberately created by a number of persons who wanted to divide the nation. they made speeches to support the realization of a safe and comfortable atmosphere in the Land of Papua.

The coordinator of the action, Bayu Segara said that this action was a form of our concern for the integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), we knew Papua was part of the Republic of Indonesia, our brothers and sisters that we must protect, protect and protect for the whole of our nation.

This peace solidarity action also aims to counter actions taking place in Papua New Guinea (PNG), the Netherlands, Fiji, Vanuatu and Australia.

This solidarity movement was initiated by the Anticolonial Asian Alliance, after a raid by the security forces in a Papuan student hostel in Surabaya followed by discriminatory and racial expressions in the form of the word “monkey”.

In this action, a number of aspirations, including support for West Papua’s independence struggle, were echoed by AAA and Australians.  But what’s interesting, this event is fairly quiet and looks like an artificial demo. This action was also politicized by foreigners who really wanted to see an independent Papua. As we know, this foreign politic involves the name of Benny Wenda, a Papuan independence figure who is domiciled in Oxford, England.

At present internet access in Papua has gradually reopened. The Papuan people are demanded to fight the news of the hoaks which could again ignite the riots.

The solidarity action carried out by Indonesian citizens in the US became a breath of fresh air and support for maintaining the peace of Papua. Hopefully this action can inspire others to fight other actions that actually want to separate Papua.