To invest your time, money, and half of your life for education is something that we can hardly imagine nowadays. But that what’s Antie Solaiman has been doing all this time for the people of Papua.

Yugianti Solaiman was born in December 9, 1952, in Yogyakarta. Antie, as she is usually called, will be 67 years old this year.

She could vividly remember her first step to Papua in 1986. The lecturer from Indonesia Christian University (UKI) had never imagined that she will spend 33 years of her life to pursue her calling: to help Papua advanced in education.

Antie did not have any Papuan blood on her vein but this fact never deterred her from her struggle for Papua’s education. Antie built school and taught in it. She established a girl school in Jayapura and also College of Social and Political Sciences in Merauke. With all of her might, she also built a public health care in Papua.

With every penny she had, Antie visited the villages in the interior of Papua. She is unstoppable. When she visited Dabra District, she took care of the elders, she taught mothers and students, and gave a lecture in the Sunday school.

Antie’s passion about Papua have also affected her lecturer friends in UKI. With their help, Antie established Papua Study Center. They hoped that the study center will make a breakthrough, will open the way for the prosperity of Papua.

Antie has stopped her activity in UKI since 2007 but it does not mean she abandons her passion about Papua’s education. In fact, she is still very active in serving and fighting for the education in Papua.

Antie’s dedication, desire, and passion to advanced Papua had her won Indonesia Resilient Women 2014 by Pena Tanah Air Citra Media. She is a perfect inspirational figure for her students and for the younger generations of Indonesia.

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