KKB or the Armed Criminal Group recently caused chaos in Papua by shooting dead a motorcycle taxi driver in Popome Village, Tembagapura. Not even a month after the incident in Popome, this group led by Purom Wenda again made a mess by shooting motorbike taxi driver in Lanny Jaya who had just dropped their passengers. Fortunately, after pretending to faint, he is safe. However, the trauma that was felt after that could not be easily cured.

The shooter reportedly fled into the forest. Seeing the condition, the local police urged motorbike taxi drivers to reduce their operating hours in Lanny Jaya. As a result, the police must tighten security in Lanny Jaya so the similar cases do not occur in the future.

On the other hand, Benny Wenda posted an article on the ULMWP website asking the Indonesian government to stop military operations in Papua, which according to them are causing widespread death, terror, and displacement towards West Papuan people.

The question is how Benny Wenda, who is currently not in Papua, how did he knows the real conditions that occur in Papua. If he said over the past few days, the Indonesian military and police had their operations in Lanny Jaya and said that the Several West Papuans are believed to have been killed did he knew who was actually shot and who did it?

Benny Wenda even give an alert to all Melanesian nations, other Pacific Island Nations and the international community to the ‘critical level of Indonesian state violence’ which occupied in West Papua.

Repeatedly since 2005, Papuan independence fighters have always said the same thing related to hoax about what the Indonesian military has done in West Papua. So once again, we provide the actual facts related to what happened in West Papua.

Human rights violations occurred after the inauguration of military commanders in became a local West Papuan Chief

In his post, Benny Wenda highlighted that the human rights violence that has occurred in West Papua has increased since the military commander and carried out many military operations in the West Papua. The real fact is this inauguration was given because Pangdam has contributed a lot to the community. The inauguration of the commander of the tribal chief in Papua does not have the political element or interest in carrying out military operations as alleged by the ULMWP.

“The image of the TNI is now very different, before the people were afraid, now it helps many people in various aspects, now (they are TNI) are considered angels” Ones Wayoi added.

It is clear that the election came from the Pegunungan Tengah indigenous people.

“This will be a good thing, especially seeing the Pegunungan Tengah region is still prone to clash, this is a form of public trust in the TNI in order to create a conducive situation and create intimacy between the TNI and the people there,” Ones Wayoi, one of the indigenous people said to the media.

Even the indigenous people themselves say that their efforts to appoint the military commander as a major tribal chief in Papua is so the government can launch programs related to the welfare of the people in the Pegunungan Tengah.

West Papuan women and children are victims of military violence

In every case of violence that occurred in West Papua, local media always reported who was the perpetrator of violence in West Papua. Did Benny Wenda forget about the news of hostage taking and rape that took place in Mapundema Village last October? Can Benny Wenda admit that the perpetrators of the crime were the Armed Criminal Group, and according to him who else freed those victims besides the Indonesian Military and Police who were serving in West Papua.

Many people have been left without enough food and afraid to return to their work

Benny Wenda also claimed that the people of West Papua were left without enough food and were afraid to return to their work since the military roamed everywhere. Benny Wenda may speak without data, however the Armed Criminal Group is the party who responsible for holding two villages in Pegunungan Jaya in 2017. Residents in both regions are even prohibited from leaving the village where they live.

In addition, the facts said that no West Papuans were traumatized even though two military people were victims of the shooting in Nduga last June, this was because the shooting location occurred far from the center of community activities. Even after the Armed Forces Criminal Group shot Yanmar in Popome village on November 2, the condition are safe and secure under the protection of the Indonesian military and police.

The principle of democracy that is not enforced in West Papua.

Benny Wenda even claimed that democracy was not enforced in West Papua. In fact, in 2016, Papua and West Papua were noted to have the highest index numbers in the aspect of civil liberties, although there were efforts to suppress the movement demanding independence. This can be proven by the freedom of the West Papuans to gather and organize, to argue, to have freedom in adhering to beliefs and freedom from discrimination. In addition, these groups of free West Papua Activist are still allowed to hold congress, are allowed to hold activities in public spaces. As well as being allowed to argue on social media. Even KNPB and UMLWP have their own headquarters. Then where is the democracy that is not enforced in West Papua?

If Benny Wenda accuses the TNI and the Police of making a mess so immediately they must leave Papua and also act on behalf of the people of West Papua to support the wishes of their interest groups. It seems that Benny Wenda should think again. The only thing that must leave from West Papua immediately is the Armed Criminal Group, the real perpetrator of any chaos that occurs in West Papua.

Source: https://www.liputan6.com/news/read/3576064/sempat-diteror-kkb-kapolri-pastikan-pilkada-di-nduga-papua-rampung-100-persen