On August 26, 2018, international media was made commotion over Indonesia’s actions to detain a Polish citizen Jakub Fabian Skrzypski (39). Many of the allegations that arise that Jakub is actually just a reporter who was caught making contact with separatists. As is known, the issue of Free West Papua Campaign is a sensitive matter between Indonesia and international media. Then, what is the continuation of the case now?

The fact is Jakub Fabian is not a journalist, until now there is no evidence that brings his status as a journalist. Data collected in early November by one of the national media (kumparan.com) states that The High Prosecutor’s Office has established a file belonging to Fabian Skrzypski, a Polish who was arrested for being sold the ammunition to the Separatist Free Papua Group on August 26, 2018. The file is complete or P21 based on Letter Number: B-250 / T.4 / EP. 10/10/2018 dated October 17, 2018.

Police were increasingly convinced that Skrzypski was a suspect in a treason case in West Papua after the discovery of evidence, such as: 1 unit of handphone HTC brand, 1 Indosat brand SIM Card (Mentari), a transcript of a suspect’s conversation document, a document about the TPN/OPM struggle, 104 items 5.56 mm caliber ammunition, and 35 pieces of 9 mm caliber ammunition.

Skrzypski finally had to enjoy being imprisoned for alleged treason or an attempt to commit a criminal offense. He was forced to be entangled in layered article include:
Article 106 of the Criminal Code concerning treason, which was carried out with the intention of conquering the country altogether or partially under a foreign government with the intention of separating part of the area. Threat of life imprisonment or twenty years in prison.
Article 110 concerning the consensus that one of the crimes described in Articles 104, 106, 107 and 108 was punished in the same manner as the crime, the threat of punishment referred to in the alleged article.
Then Article 111 of the KUHP Bis to 1e of the Criminal Code, whoever establishes a relationship with a person or entity outside the country, with the intention of persuading the person or body to provide assistance to prepare or overthrow the government, to strengthen people’s intentions or the body about it with the intention of giving or promising to provide assistance or to prepare to facilitate or damage the government with imprisonment for a maximum of six years.

Skrzypski complained incessantly by writing a letter regarding the condition of the prison where he was detained and his refusal to undergo a trial in Wamena, until his complaints about depression, he could not deny and could not change the condition that LBH would continue to fight it through a legal. Evidence has brought him a lot towards the judiciary and he is indeed a suspect in this treason case.

After the prosecutor stated that the file was complete, the authorities contacted the Polish embassy in Jakarta also behaved well and cooperated with the Indonesian government. Now, Skrzypski was ready to be tried in Wamena ,the place where he committed a crime and was arrested by the police.