The family of late West Papuan figure, Theys Eluay, just held a peaceful declaration in Sentani, Papua. The family made a request that Theys’ death would and should not be politicized.

“People who bring up the issues of human rights always tried to speak on behalf of father (Theys Eluay) as an object. (Our) Father is frequently used as a platform for them to gain attention. Now we are saying to every NGO, organization, and even government: father (Theys) is a Red-and-White (nationalist, -red)” said Theys’ son, Yanto Eluay, during the peaceful declaration on Jalan Besturpos, Sentani, Papua (10/11)

Yanto emphasized that the late Theys Eluay was someone who fully supports the integrity of Indonesia. Theys was mentioned as a figure who uphold the voice of Papuan people as paramount.

“Father was an Ondofolo (leader of traditional community). He was always careful with his influence (among people). What he taught (to us) became very useful later on when we grew up. (He) gave a lot of inspiration and motivation,” said Yanto.

Meanwhile, the Chief Ondofolo of Sosiri, Boaz Enok, gave a testimony that Papua is a part of Republic of Indonesia.

“God has sent the Republic of Indonesia to embrace Papua as the ‘kitchen’ of this world. Papua is the kitchen of this world. Papua is still Papua. It does not change. In our chest is the Red and White (Indonesian national flag). Our blood is Red and White,”, Boaz said.

In the meantime, the younger sister of Abdurrahman Wahid (known as ‘Gus Dur’),, Indonesian president who gave Papua special rights of autonomy and presidium, Lily Wahid gave testimony regarding the close relationship between Gus Dur and Theys Eluay.

“Gus Dur saw Theys as someone who spread the love of God, and had a very high sense of humanity. They both had similar backgrounds. The humanity became their fight and struggles.” said Lily.

Lily admitted to have admired the figure of Theys Eluay. Lily was impressed by his consistency when voicing the aspiration of Papuan people.

“It is safe to say that he was a kind of person that God sent once every century. I respect him so much,” Lily said.

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