Here are the Nine Points of Aspiration Proposed by Papuan Leaders to Jokowi

President Joko Widodo just met 61 figures from Papua and West Papua at the State Palace, Jakarta, Tuesday (10/9). During the meeting, the leaders consisting of regional officials, traditional leaders, religious leaders, until the students submitted ten requests to the central government.

Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Wiranto, Head of the State Intelligence Agency Budi Gunawan, Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi, Minister of State Secretary Pratikno, and the President’s Special Staff for Papua Lenis Kogoya was also accompanied The Presiden at the meeting. 

After the conversation, there were nine points of aspirations conveyed by the Chairman of Jayapura City DPRD, Abisai Rollo to the President, including:

  1. Ask the honourable the President of the Republic of Indonesia, for the division of the five traditional territories in the Papua-West Papua Province.
  2. Establishment of the National Agency for Land Affairs in Papua.
  3. Placement of echelon 1 and 2 officials in the ministry and LPMK.
  4. Development of dormitory in all study cities and guarantee the safety of Papuan students.
  5. A proposed revision of the Special Autonomy Law in Prolegnas 2020.
  6. Issued a decree for the appointment of honorary ASN in Papua.
  7. Acceleration of Papua’s Eastern Palapa Ring.
  8. President endorsed Papuan women’s and children’s traditional institutions.
  9. Building the Republic of Indonesia’s Presidential Palace in the capital city of Papua province, in the city of Jayapura.

From the nine aspirations proposed, five points were directly approved by Jokowi:

  • Jokowi asks BUMNs and private companies to open jobs for Papuan and West Papuan students

“At noon today, I want to open (employment), this is for BUMN and large private companies that I will force. If it goes through the procedure later, so my authority, I use to be able to accept newly graduated students from the Land of Papua.”

  • Agree to expanding for the Papua and West Papua regions

“Concerning to expanding, I do (agree), but maybe not five in the first. If not two, maybe three.”

  • Completing Palapa Ring this year

“Palapa Ring will be completed this year. So there will be 4G connection in all cities across Papua.”

  • Jokowi will build the presidential palace in Papua

“I will whisper first to the ministers so that the decision is not wrong. So starting next year, this palace will be built. Already. Noted.”

  • Jokowi will review the proposal of a national body for Papuan affairs

“Regarding the national body for Papuan affairs, let us explore whether it is possible or not. I answered after the study. The proposals are excellent. We will allocate them soon.

With this meeting, the tension in Papua will continue to subside. And all aspirations expressed can be something positive for the people of Papua and Indonesia.

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