West Papua Indonesia News – “I have received the latest report from the TNI Commander and Chief of the Indonesian National Police regarding the attack by armed criminal groups in Papua which has resulted in the death of workers who are building the Trans Papua road in the Nduga area.

I am on behalf of the people, the nation and the state, expressing deep sorrow to all the families left behind, may the spirits of the heroes of the Trans Papua development be accepted in a spacious place beside Him.

At present, the TNI and Deputy Chief of the Indonesian Armed Forces Commander are in Papua to investigate and resolve this problem as soon as possible and ensure that the same incident does not repeat itself in the future.

In the midst of our efforts to truly accelerate development in the interior of Papua, this attack on infrastructure workers is regrettable.

We know that the terrain in Papua is challenging, but the Papuan people need extraordinary efforts to boost the construction of road infrastructure, bridges, airports, ports, etc. to give them faster space and access to education, health, and market facilities, or traveling to other cities and villages.

Because of that, the construction of the Wamena-Kenyam-Mamugu road and 35 bridges on this route will continue. The Trans Papua road, 4,600 kilometers long, must be completed immediately. Work of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing develops the infrastructure of Tanah Papua and continues to work, to realize social justice for all Indonesians.

There is no place for armed criminal groups like this in Papua and throughout the country. We will never be afraid. This incident made our determination, even more, raging to continue the enormous task of building the Land of Papua. “