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Police Ensure Photos of Military Operations in the Gome District of Papua are Hoax



Extremist groups will never be satisfied with the conducive conditions that have already occurred in Papua. They continue to exacerbate the issue to bring new tension.

Recently, a Facebook account under the name Aperisxy Kiwak has uploaded 25 photos of the burning and evacuation of residents using a stretcher. So far, the publication has received 1,323 interactions, 246 likes, 138 comments, and shared by 939 people.

Karo Penmas of the Public Relations Division of the National Police, Brig. Gen. Dedi Prasetyo stated that the photos distributed were hoaxes. Dedi asked people not to believe those photos easily.

Dedi clarified that the residents on that post were part of treatment activities. And the arson on the photo was the work of Kelompok Kriminal Bersenjata (KKB).

Within one day, extremist groups continued their work to create a lot of hoax news and actions that made Papuans uncomfortable for them to be separated again. They are not comfortable seeing Papua as conducive. Stay alert with hoax news.