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The Government Guarantees the Safety of Students Who Returning to Papua to Continue Their Study



Around 300 students who study in several regions in Indonesia decided to return to Tanah Cendrawasih. It was a result of the provocation of extremist groups in the Papua demonstration.

The Papuan People’s Representative Council (DPRP) never instruct the students to return to Papua. They regretted the decision of students who had returned before completing their education. Papua Governor, Luke Enembe also expressed disappointment when he was confused by the student’s actions. 

“There was an appeal from us, I stated at that time, if the condition is not safe, we will return them. But right now is safe, why are the students go home, for what?” Lukas said.

Previously, the rumour said that Papuan student’s decision to return home was due to fears of intimidation. So their parents immediately give funds to their children for the journey home. But the news is not valid. It was made only for propaganda.

Extremist groups deliberately want to create horizontal conflicts so that the existence of racism issues is maintained. When the situation is safe, they try to make the students feel insecure.

Papua boarding house in Surabaya which has been conducive recently thrown a sack containing four snakes, one of which is a python. Even Papuan students in Makassar feel insecure lately. Then, 50 students in Makassar decided to return to Papua.

Then, Majelis Rakyat Papua (MRP) issued a decree that stated students who had returned to Papua should be back to their city there are studying. And students who have not returned are encouraged to stay to maintain harmony with other communities.

Coordinating Minister for Politics and Security, Wiranto guarantees security and equal treatment of students from West Papua who return to continue their study. 

“Local officials will be guaranteed. We entrust them with the officials where they study. To protect, to care for, to treat them as families in the areas they are studying,” Wiranto said.

The government has followed up on this matter precisely and quickly. That security guarantee will help the students to be more comfortable to study.





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