What’s Behind UNCEN Student Sweeping by Indonesian Police?

The rumor that police often act arbitrarily against West Papuan is not new.

ULMWP condemned the police’s conduct of sweeping against students from Cenderawasih University (UNCEN) and spreading the news to international media.

On Monday (September 3, 2018), the Indonesian police conducted inspections on several UNCEN’s rusunawa/dormitory for there is alleged motorcycle thief group hiding there.

At the time of the inspection, the Indonesian Police searched six rusunawa to find the perpetrators for theft of 39 motorcycle units.
ULMWP then referred to this sweeping as “Police Search without Notification”.

At first the police received evidence of the stolen motorbike from a man with the initial AM who was suspected of being the stolen motorbike catcher.

Based on his confession, his Honda Beat was bought from someone who lived in rusunawa for IDR 2,000,000.

Based on this information, the police chief proceeded to inspect and confiscate evidence.

“As many as 39 motorbikes were secured, there were already 8 units suspected as stolen goods, it was cross-checked with police reports about motorbike theft,”

– AKBP Gustav R Urbinas Jayapura City Police Chief.

As an organization that works in the name of liberation movement, ULMWP should not sell false issues to the international public.

ULMWP likely keens to create illusions and other false realities related to problems in West Papua.
This behavior actually leads to provocateurship who take advantage of the moment for certain interests.

Incorrect reporting will actually make the public in Asia Pacific countries lose their sympathy for ULMWP.