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What Ambassadors Around The World Think of West Papua

Many ambassadors from various countries have visited West Papua. What did they say about it?

1. British Ambassador Moazzam Malik

“This is my first visit to Papua. My country has been cooperating with the government of Papua since 2012 in environmental field because Papua’s forests are the lungs of the world,”  – Moazzam Malik, 2015

Since 2012, British and Indonesian government has been providing a tool to oversee forests in Papua, SIMTARU.

As a result, deforestation in West Papua was reduced to 2.5% since 2012.

The next year, 2016, Malik visited West Papua to promote British scholarships. Four students from Papuan state universities were offered Chevening scholarships.

A year later, he visited Sorong, Manokwari and Jayapura again in November 2017, this time to meet more local community members and talk about British education.

2. US Ambassador Robert Blake

In 2016, US ambassador for Indonesia, Robert Blake, also visited West Papua to discuss the improvement of human rights in Papua.

He met Papuan Human Rights commissioner Frits Ramandey, and stated that US will always commit to the protection of human rights.

3. Belgian Ambassador Stephane De Loecker

During his first visit to West Papua, May 2019, Stephane De Loecker discussed about economy, politics and security with Governor Lukas Enembe.

As a result, the Belgian ambassador has opened cooperation between Belgium, world’s leading chocolate maker, and West Papuan cocoa industry.

4. German Ambassador Peter Schoof

In May 2019, German Ambassador Peter Schoof discussed with Papua Provincial Government about cooperating in agriculture and fishing industry, which is still being developed.



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